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Milton's Suitcase Adventure

A fantastically furry tale
by Diane Distefano


A fantastically furry tale
by Diane Distefano

A fantastically furry tale
by Diane Distefano

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Cover of Milton's Suitcase Adventure



Thanks for visiting my page and the home of Milton’s Suitcase Adventure — a playful story for early readers, picky eaters, and first-time travelers. Enjoy!

"...Milton’s journey may serve as an early example of the value of travel in the vein of Eloise, proving equally delightful with its silly, too-sleepy puppy hero." 

Kirkus Reviews

About Author
Photo of author Diane Distefano

Meet the Author

Diane Distefano is an award-winning journalist and writer at the University of California San Diego. A mother of two and proud nana to Ava and Alice, her passions include crafting, gardening, and travel.

A California native, Diane lives in San Diego with husband, Chris, and one very special pup. Her inspiration for Milton's Suitcase Adventure is based on the couple's snoozy, curious, snaggle-toothed rescue of the same name.

Meet the Illustrator

Manny Pantoja is an illustrator, painter, and graphic designer. His love of art and sense of wanderlust has taken him all over the world.


Manny resides in California where he enjoys plein air painting and urban adventuring. 

Learn more at

Photo of illustrator Manny Pantoja

About the book


Meet Milton the dog, whose fondness for sleeping in unusual places leads to an unplanned trip very far from home. Milton’s epic journey is a playful escape into a world where dogs can speak French, snap selfies and learn to navigate the Paris Metro.

Milton experiences animal adventures with new friends, samples the local cuisine, uses his wits to get out of trouble, and learns that exploring the unfamiliar can be fun. After all, trying new things is often the very best part of life!


Everybody loves Milton!

Milton the dog sleeping upside down on a chair

Milton's Suitcase is our new favorite book — inspiring our whole family to get out and explore the world.

– Lauren, Mother of young children

Diane reads a preview of the book to her granddaughters. 

Start your adventure with Milton

Milton's Suitcase Adventure cover on tablet
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